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Bathroom Remodeling

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    Without realizing it, your bathroom is a place where you inevitably spend a lot of time when you’re at home. It’s likely the first room you go to in the mornings, where you spend the evenings winding down before bed, and where you spend time in between activities to get ready and refresh yourself. So, why not invest in a bathroom that you’ll love and use endlessly? That includes welcoming colors and aesthetics, modern amenities, and enough space to carry out your activities comfortably.


    We can assist in installing a new shower, one that opens up and allows you to safely walk in without issue. A comfortable shower will come as either a standalone unit or attached as a two-in-one with your bathtub. The type of shower you have will depend on your preferences and the space available. Along with your shower installation, we can also assist with installing the shelves in a shower, the flooring, and the showerhead and handles.


    If you have a two-in-one unit, then your shower and bathtub are likely attached together, with your bathtub’s faucet sitting towards the bottom and the showerhead sitting closer to the top of the shower. The best way to improve on such a unit is to have quality materials making up the vital parts of your bathtub. That includes anti-slip grips that can be added to the interior of the bathtub flooring, as well as decorative tiles that line the bathtub and prevent water damage to standard walls. We recommend installing ceramic tiles around the interiors of the bath to deter water buildup and for easier cleaning.


    Your bathroom isn't complete without some stellar lighting. Often times, bathrooms can appear dull and dark, making them feel musty, cold, and unwelcoming. To reverse this feeling, we want to help create warm and brightening lights that illuminate your bathroom and create a desirable space that you'll feel comfortable in. Your bathroom can be a place you take long baths and spend hours or a place where you run in from a rainstorm to dry off. Either way, it should offer comfort for both uses, and that starts with quality lighting. We can install light fixtures, vanity lighting, spotlighting, shower lighting, and toilet lighting if your toilet is separated from the rest of your bathroom.


    Lastly, your bathroom requires adequate storage to keep your hygiene products and linens safe. We can refinish existing cabinets, install new ones, as well as open up cabinets more so you have bigger shelving space, expand drawers, and install shelves throughout the walls where storage is limited. We recommend having some storage near or above the toilet, as well as beneath the sink and underneath the vanity as well. We can help you make the most of your limited bathroom space by maximizing it with proper cabinets and drawers for storage. We'll then finish off your cabinets and drawers with unique and stunning hardware that makes it easy to access them while still enhancing the aesthetic of your bathroom.