white wooden windows with shutters in a renovated wooden house

Exterior Remodeling

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    Exterior remodeling covers a wide range of remodeling services you can choose from to improve your home's outdoor area in some capacity. Many clients choose to add extra rooms to their homes, build new outdoor features, or convert existing spaces into something more useful. Our team can help you with any form of exterior modeling and give your home the upgrades you're looking for to enhance its exterior and interior appearance.

    Room Additions

    Room additions consist of extra or added rooms that are built onto the home’s existing structure. These rooms can include game rooms, extra bedrooms, pool houses, guest houses, and much more. Whatever purpose you have in mind, we can make it happen with our room additions. We carry out all of our building services with safety and professionalism and follow local building standards. We also apply for the right permits, incorporate your ideas into the blueprint, and complete the job to a high standard for your satisfaction.

    Standalone Structures

    Similarly, we can also build onto your property with detached structures that enhance your outdoor space, such as storage sheds, detached guest houses, pool houses, stables, and workshops. As we do with room additions, we must also apply for the appropriate building permits to start construction, and safety inspections may be needed as well. However, we can custom build virtually any standalone structures in your outdoor space that increase your property’s value. Having standalone structures is a great way to make your home stand out while also enhancing your own comfort as well.


    Another type of exterior remodeling that we can assist with is conversions, as these sometimes require adding new exterior structures or features to your home to make the conversion successful. Conversions can include transforming your attic into a new room (and thus, adding new windows), or turning your garage into extra living space, and closing off some of the existing windows. Some clients also choose to convert existing space into new rooms that they want immediate, outdoor access to, so this will require installing new windows and doors for safety standards. Conversions can add significant space and value to your home and open up the interiors more. Some conversions, on higher stories, may also need added siding and ledges, roofing, and paneling. These features are all included when you decide to convert a room in your home into something new.

    Doors, Windows, Shutters

    Remodeling your doors, windows, and shutters is a great way to wrap up any exterior remodeling job and tie your new features together. If you have recently added a new room to your home, you'll want its doors and windows to match the rest of your home so that it looks as if it was originally built with the initial design. We can assist further in revitalizing your doors, windows, and shutters by integrating them all together and updating them to blend accordingly. If you’re converting features in your home, new windows and doors may need to be added for safety purposes.