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Master Suite Remodeling

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    Master suite remodeling enables you to give your master bedroom a second chance. Our team can assist in repainting your master bedroom, as well as remodeling the master suite that’s connected to your room. The master bedroom is intended to be a welcoming room of relaxation and comfort, so it's important you invest well in it to create an ambiance you'll love. We can help you do that with our quality master suite remodeling solutions!


    One of the best ways to improve the aesthetic in your master suite is to repaint the walls. Our team can assist in repainting your bedroom's walls and trim. We recommend trying out paint samples before repainting the entire room so that you can easily assess how the paint will look against your furniture and your bathroom. Our paint jobs are precise and thorough, leaving you with stunning walls that you'll love and that will complement your room.

    Bedroom Flooring

    Quality bedroom flooring is also vital to ensuring your master suite is as comfortable as possible. Many clients opt for carpet or hardwood in the bedroom, as these materials are easily customizable. High-pile carpet can offer warmth and softness when you step out of bed in the mornings, while hardwood can offer contemporary beauty that you can enhance further with rugs of your choosing. The bedroom flooring will be layered across the room and transition into the flooring that you have in your bathroom, which is often tile or concrete.


    Your master suite's closet is meant to offer you enough storage space to adequately store your valuables without having to dig or rummage to find what you need. As part of the master suite, we recommend having a walk-in closet that displays your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories in an accessible manner. We can help build a custom closet with all of your desired shelves, cabinets, and drawers, enabling you to have as much space as you need. If you have excessive items or items you want to be stored in a particular way, such a jewelry or designer handbags, we can create custom shelving units that keep your items safe and on display, looking great whenever you need to access them – or for when you just enjoy giving them a glance.

    Master Bathroom

    When it comes to remodeling your master bathroom, we recommend tile for its durability and ability to combat water. You can also choose ceramic tiles to be lined across the floors and around the walls of the bathroom, making for easy cleanup and longevity. Tiles and stones can also be placed in the shower or around the edges of the bathtub. If there is free wall space, consider a neutral but brightening paint color. We'll also install brand new lighting fixtures, paint the cabinets and drawers accordingly, and install mirrors above your sinks to complete your vanity. We can also upgrade hardware, including your knobs and handles, add clips or frames to the mirrors, and install new faucets, sinks, and showerheads that look great against your bathroom's features.