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Whole House Remodeling

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    While we can provide remodeling services to a select few rooms in your house, we can also assist with whole house remodeling if you're looking to completely revitalize your home's interiors. Whole house remodeling typically includes the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry room. This may also include new flooring throughout the home, new wall colors, and new light fixtures or added features, such as trim and crown molding.


    Remodeling your entire house can mean redesigning the layout and creating more space than what you currently have. We can create more space by removing old or outdated features, barrier walls and opening up the interiors with an airy feel. More natural light, neutral colors, and fewer structural barriers will enhance the layout of your home's interiors and give the illusion of more space than before. This is often true of the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. If you need some inspiration to get started or aren't sure how you'd like to open up your home's interiors, we'll work with you to give you ideas and examples of our previous work.


    While remodeling the layout of your home can modernize it further, it's also important to incorporate contemporary designs that bring out the home's new features. For example, quality countertops, cabinets, furniture, trim, and flooring will all contribute to the home's value. The design and layout of a home go hand-in-hand and deliver the optimal level of aesthetic that makes your home feel welcoming and comfortable. We're dedicated to working with you to find your preferred design style and incorporating it into the final layout of your home remodel project. This can also include paint colors, light fixtures, and hardware, as well as any other elements you're eager to customize to your liking.

    Creating Space

    As mentioned previously, the main goal of a whole house remodel is to create space where there wasn't any before. This can include removing odd shelving, room separators, and added structures that only take up space rather than maximize it. Our team can help create more space for you to store valuables, put furniture, or even open up counter space so you can prepare food and display items. Creating space and reimagining your home's existing layout will be the main component of our whole house remodeling projects.

    Modern Amenities

    When you decide to remodel your whole house, you’re likely doing so with the intention of integrating modern designs that go beyond the standard paint and flooring basics that we’ve listed above. To ensure you have nothing short of quality, modern designs that help your home compete with new-build listings, our team can assist further by installing amenities to meet that contemporary standard so you can have the latest features that add value to your property. These features can include upgraded flooring, including durable hardwood, stamped concrete, or heated tiles; quality paint colors and finishes; as well as premier countertops made of soapstone or marble; stainless steel appliances; and other custom features such as unique storage or bathroom spa settings.